Arena Plus: P.J. Washington's Role in Charlotte

In the past few seasons, P.J. Washington has become a crucial player for the Charlotte Hornets. His versatility in playing both forward positions provides the team with numerous options on both ends of the court. Standing at 6'7" and weighing 230 pounds, Washington serves as a solid defender, efficient scorer, and reliable rebounder.

Scoring Capability

Washington's scoring ability has significantly developed since he first entered the league. In the 2022-2023 season, he averaged between 14-16 points per game, signifying his growing contribution to the team's offense. His improved three-point shooting, where he consistently hits around 36-38%, opens up the floor for guard playmakers like LaMelo Ball. Key points include:

  • Average points per game: 14-16
  • Three-point shooting percentage: 36-38%
  • Field goal percentage: 45-48%

Defensive Impact

Washington also stands out defensively. His ability to defend multiple positions helps Charlotte adapt to various opposing lineups. Averaging about 1-1.2 blocks and 0.8-1 steals per game, he has become a defensive cornerstone for the Hornets. Key stats include:

  • Blocks per game: 1-1.2
  • Steals per game: 0.8-1
  • Defensive rebounds per game: 4-5

Rebounding and Playmaking

On the boards, Washington pulls in an average of 6-7 rebounds per game, contributing effectively to the team's overall rebounding efforts. His ability to grab crucial offensive boards extends possessions and provides more scoring opportunities. Not just limited to scoring and rebounding, Washington also averages about 2-3 assists per game, showcasing his playmaking abilities particularly in transition play. Key contributions include:

  • Rebounds per game: 6-7
  • Offensive rebounds per game: 1.5-2
  • Assists per game: 2-3

Leadership and Growth

Having been with the Hornets since his rookie season, Washington has grown into a leadership role. His commitment to improvement and work ethic sets a positive example for younger teammates. He often takes on challenging assignments, defending the opponent's best players, thus showing the type of player he aims to be. Key aspects of his leadership include:

  • Experience: 4-5 NBA seasons
  • Role model for younger players
  • Defensive assignments: guarding top scorers

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